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Jan 16/06
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Generator.x:  Introduction

Generator.x: Introduction

Wattenberg: Shape of Song

Wattenberg: Shape of Song

I’ve just come back from the opening of the second installation of the Generator.x show in Stavanger, an opening which must be considered a success on all counts. Not only did it get a good reception from the local audience, but the show itself looks great in the slightly raw and intimate halls of Tou Scene. But don’t take my word for it, look at the images above and below, as well as the full set of photos on Flickr.

For the opening, I gave a short introduction to generative art and design, which was followed by Trond Lossius speaking about his work with sound. He talked about generative sound being sound as a Platonic idea, with the specific incarnations being shadows of a meta-sound which is never really heard.

The exhibition was followed by a live concert with local electronica heroes QRT, HOH and NES. Gisle Frøysland did live visuals using the open source MøB software he has developed at BEK. I showed my own piece Neon Organic in a newly revamped OpenGL realtime version.

The exhibition will remain in Stavanger for a minimum 3 weeks, see the Tou Scene web site for details. I would like to thank local organizers at Tou, Nils Henrik Asheim and Alain Fassotte, for their support and quick turnaround in organizing an excellent opening event. Thanks also to Espen Tversland, the museum host for the National Museum who will follow the exhibition around Norway.

More photos to follow, including videos of the projected pieces and the concert.

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1. PikselBlog, January 18th, 2006 at 17:01

Generator.X in Stavanger

This weekend I had the pleasure of doing some live visuals for the opening of the Generator.X
exhibition at Tou Scene in Stavanger. I did of course use my favourite FLOSS VJ software M B,
developed here at BEK in collaboration with programmer Carlo…


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