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Archive for April, 2007

Elements of Chance is a YouTube-based conference, organized by Greg Niemeyer and Meredith Hoy at the Center for New Media, Berkeley:

Elements of Chance. On July 7, 2007, The Center for New Media at the University of California at Berkeley will hold a conference entitled “Elements of Chance”. Seventh in a series of algorithmically timed events, the first of which took place at SFMOMA on 01/01/01, the subject of this conference is the role of chance operations in new media artifacts, such as games, music, simulations, and images. The algorithmic basis of digital media has encouraged a proliferation of projects that explore the generative effects of randomness and probability in the field of art production. When and how do media developers, programmers, and artists choose to allow random or pseudo-random operations to affect the performance of a media artifact?
Instead of traditional papers we solicit video contributions that engage these questions. Each presenter will film either a 7 or a 14 minute video discussing the role of chance in a particular work. We encourage submissions from both art practitioners and art critics/historians. To that end, presenters may speak about their own work or about another artist, as long as the content of the video circulates around the central theme of “chance”.

Deadline: 15 May 2007

Apr 23/07

Call for proposals in Florence, Italy, from our friends at Italian media design agency TODO:


BIP 2007 – BUILDING INTERACTIVE PLAYGROUNDS BIP is an international competition for interaction design projects for public events. Through an international call for works, opened to interaction designers, artists, researchers, architets and students, it aims to select, invite and show interactive installations, specifically conceived for events and public spaces.

Simple and straight-forward projects, involving exploration, irony, play and social relationships, that can intrigue a curious and young audience. Projects that are able to transform festival locations into programmed spaces, active processes, playing with time, space and people.

Deadline: 10 May 2007