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Jumping on bandwagons is best done sooner rather than later, so we are hereby happy to announce that Generator.x now has its very own Twitter feed.

Microblogs like Twitter allow for a very immediate communication that requires less of a commitment than a regular blog. A 500 word blog post might take a few hours to write, whereas a 140 character long Twitter update only takes a few minutes. The interaction between Twitter users is also more explicit than is typical for blogs, creating a distributed conversation that at best can be thought of as a hive mind.

Here is the feed from so far:

  • Visualization: 2008 Presidential Candidate Donations: McCain vs. Obama
  • Erik Natzke goes to NextFest:
  • Martin Wattenberg talks to WIRED about big text data:
  • Knowledge Cartography – cartography as tool for communication and the production of meaning: Video:
  • Media Facades 2008 in Berlin looks interesting:
  • Blinkenlights: Oldie but Goodie. Now with a library for Processing for creating Blinkenlights movies.
  • Maxalot presents the projection series “Processing Light” tonight at Todaysart, The Hague:
  • @anfischer has posted nice documentation of recent work on Flickr:
  • Podcast from Die Gestalten about Data Flow, their new book about visualization:
  • Sol LeWitt: A Wall Drawing Retrospective, MASS MoCA
  • Vizualizar’08: Database City – Call for papers The seminar will be at Medialab Prado, curated by Jose Luis De Vicente.
  • The Piksel festival in Bergen has posted calls for their “abstract code real code” theme:
  • Mitchell Whitelaw has an interesting new series: Limits to Growth See also his Flickr:
  • @toxi retweet : new blog post: Generative design in 4096 bytes or less (Will Wright & the 4k demoscene)
  • WMMNA has a nice summary of C.STEM 2008: Breeding Objects
  • CORE.FORMULA has a nice blog post about Austrian sculptor Erwin Hauger: See also Flickr:
  • C.STEM 2008 – BREEDING OBJECTS currently underway in Turin, feat. fabbing and generative art.
  • Esther Stocker makes wonderful installations of grid structures in 2D and 3D:
  • New issue of Vague Terrain about curating net-based art, guest edited by CONT3XT.NET.
  • Blog post from @arikan: From Network Diagram to Structured Text
  • C.STEM 2008 in Turin has a nice lineup of fabbing works : (In Italian)
  • Jeff Clark is doing some nice visualization work with a focus on social media:
  • Just created a Generator.x Twitter feed to compensate for long breaks between blog posts…
4 Responses to “Generator.x on Twitter”
1. Armando Alves, October 2nd, 2008 at 23:10

Glad to see you back on blogging. Even if it’s micro-blogging.
Just started to follow you (@armandoalves).

2., October 11th, 2014 at 03:10…

Generator.X blog » microblog…

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