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Generator.x is a conference and exhibition examining the current role of software and generative strategies in art and design. [Read more...]
Generator.x: A timeline

Generator.x is a curatorial platform exploring the use of generative strategies and software processes in digital art, architecture and design. It focuses on a new generation of artists and designers who embrace code as a way of producing new forms of creative expression. For more on the philosophy of the project, read the introduction.

Generator.x was created in 2005, as the result of a series of conversations between Marius Watz and Atle Barcley, who at that time was director of Atelier Nord. The following is a breakdown of the different incarnations of Generator.x so far.

Generator.x 2.0: Beyond the Screen [2008]

Generator.x 2.0: Beyond the Screen is a co-production with Club Transmediale and [DAM] Berlin. It is supported by The Office for Contemporary Art Norway. Among the partners for the event are Institut HyperWerk HGK FHNW and Lasern.

Generator.x 1.0: The concert tour [2006]

Generator.x 1.0: The concert tour was funded and produced by Rikskonsertene. Co-curated by Alexander Rishaug, the tour brought together Frank Bretschneider, Espen Sommer Eide, Emi Maeda, Lia and Marius Watz for 7 concerts in Norway. Since the original tour the Generator.x lineup have reunited for concerts in Madeira (2006) and Dresden (2007).

Generator.x 1.0: Art from Code [2005]

Generator.x 1.0: Art from Code started in 2005 as a co-production between Atelier Nord and The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design. It consisted of a conference in Oslo in September 2005, coinciding with the opening of a touring exhibition. With the final end of the touring exhibition in December 2007 this project has now ended.

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