Art from code - Generator.x
Generator.x is a conference and exhibition examining the current role of software and generative strategies in art and design. [Read more...]
Generator.x 1.0: Art from Code exhibition
The following information refers to past events, and is only retained for historical purposes.
Ben Fry: Anemone nodesc

Ben Fry: Anemone
Web traffic visualization

C.E.B.Reas: SeoulB nodesc

C.E.B.Reas: SeoulB
Generative composition

National Museum of Art, Architecture & Design
Generator.x touring exhibition

The Generator.x exhibition opened in Oslo at The National Gallery, in the Art Hall at Tullinløkka. The opening took place as part of the Generator.x conference at Atelier Nord. After the initial showing in Oslo the exhibition will tour Norway until it closes in December 2007.

Exhibition dates:

Oslo, 23.9 – 14.10.2005
Stavanger, 14.1 – 5.2.2006
Ålesund, 1.4. – 14.5.2006
Sarpsborg 2.9. – 24.9.2006
Bodø 6.1. – 4.2.2007
Rana 17.2. – 18.3.2007
Trondarnes Distriktsmuseum, Harstad 10.4 – 27.4.2007
Klosterøya, Skien 3.10 – 31.10.2007
Høgskolen i Telemark, Porsgrunn 7.11 – 23.11.2007

The exhibition is thematically divided into two sections: “Code as Material” and “Code as Method”.

1. Code as material

Rather than simply using software as a tool, these artists have code as their primary artistic material. They create their work through dynamic systems incorporating algorithmic rules, simulation of physical properties and complexity theory.

The works in this section have been created especially for Generator.x, and are shown as projections (Reas, Lia and Oschatz) and sound works (Lossius).

Participating artists:

2. Code as method

The works in this section show the use of generative strategies applied to problems from design and architecture. They include innovative visualizations of complex information sources, computational approaches to architectural problems or software for new types of expression. The works are shown as large-scale prints.

Participating artists:

The Generator.x exhibition is curated by Marius Watz and produced by the National Museum of Art, Design and Architecture.

Recent comments
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abstrakt Abstrakt: SOFTlab (meilleure trampoline)
DIY LED Graffiti: Throwies (filehippo app manager 1.47)
Simon Elvins: Mapping sound (Party Catering Services in Highland Park Texas,)
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