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abstrakt Abstrakt: Patrick Raddatz

Patrick Raddatz: At the Control Room, 2007
Photographs, ca. 57×70cm framed

Control rooms are the nerve centers of a world permeated by systems of abstraction. In these concentrated places, the ‘status quo’ of the systems that surround us forms an aesthetic surface. Signals and values serve to make control decisions for the system. Here the human and the system communicate using the control room as an ‘interface’.

However, (information) architectures are only seemingly neutral and arranged according to inherent necessities. The photo series by Patrick Raddatz reveals how much user interfaces are not purely functional but are a ‘projection screen’ for the utopias of their times; subject to fashion and taste, they ultimately turn into cultural clichés of our society.

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Carden & Cubitt: Metropop denim

Carden & Cubitt: Metropop denim

Photographer Clayton Cubitt has collaborated with generative artist Tom Carden to create a series of enticing fashion photographs for MetroPop magazine.

The software, created in Processing, uses particle simulations of smoke and sparks with gravitational restraints. Interestingly, the abstract images were created first and the photographs were then posed to fit them after the fact. The resulting compositions merge the two image sources to give an extra dimension to the photography.

A related project is Marius Watz’ Aura project for Nike Asia. Tom Carden maintains the blog Random Etc., and post hi s Processing sketches here.